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Hengxing Nails a Deal with CYTS Shanghai to Develop Cultural Tourism in Yellow River Three Gorges
2019.08.12 307

Xiamen Hengxing Group Co., Ltd., CYTS Investment Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Yongjing County People’s Government of Gansu Province jointly signed The Cooperative Development Agreement on Yongjing’s Yellow River Three Gorges Cultural Tourism Project on the morning of August 9, 2019. Guo Heli, secretary of the CPC Linxia Prefectural Committee, Tian Xuegong, deputy director of Gansu Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Chen Changsheng, vice president of Xiamen Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, Chen Yongdong, vice minister of the United Front Work Department of Xiamen Municipal Committee and Xiangan District chief Hu Sheng attended the signing ceremony. This cooperation sees a solid, active move by Xiamen Hengxing Group in response to the state-level calling for East-West cooperation, a blockbuster project launched by Hengxing to inject new blood into the cultural tourism industry.


Yongjing County, a part of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu Province, is located in the southwest of middle Gansu, to the prefecture’s north, bordering Lanzhou City in the northeast, Liujiaxia Reservoir in the south, and Qinghai’s Minhe County in the northwest. Yongjing County is a key target of Xiamen City to answer the East-West cooperation in poverty alleviation. Since the establishment of a collaborative relationship between the two, remarkable results have been achieved--they have broken new ground for complementary advantages, long-term cooperation, targeted poverty alleviation, and win-win cooperation. A “heart-to-heart bridge” to strive for a relatively well-off life has been created as well.


Xiamen Hengxing Group is a large private enterprise group that engages in multiple industries, with investment being the leading business. Cultural tourism is a new strategic landscape of Hengxing, which has invested into projects like Xinjiang Kanas Scenic Spot, Fujian Qingshuiyan Scenic Spot, under-construction high-end hotels in Xiamen and Qingshuiyan Hot Spring Hotel. The signing of the Yongjing Yellow River Three Gorges Cultural Tourism Project marks Hengxing’s big step forward in the cultural tourism industry.


Ke Xiping, Chairman of Xiamen Hengxing Group, said that Hengxing would go hand in hand with CYTS Investment Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., stick to the principle of planning before development, plan, design and launch a series of projects at high standards on the premise of protecting the environment. “In three to five years, the project will begin to take shape, with annual overnight visitors reaching more than 1 million. We will without delay build Yellow River Three Gorges into a famous 5A-level tourist scenic spot in western China, and connect it with Dunhuang and Xian to deliver an international cultural tourism zone. We will vigorously developtourism to boost rapid local economy and social development, help achieve poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and turn Yongjing into a livable, business-friendly, pro-tourism homeland.”

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