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Hengxing Chairman Listed in the 2019 China Charity Ranking
2019.08.12 336

In the 2019 China Charity Ranking released today, Ke Xiping, Chairman of Xiamen Hengxing Group, was placed the 66th, a new charity honor for the chairman after he received honorary titles like China Charity Award”—Most Benevolent Company/Individual, “Most Prominent Philanthropist of Xiamen” and was nominated for the Hurun China Philanthropy List and the Forbes China Philanthropy List.


Introduction of the 2019 China Charity Ranking

In the 2019 list, the total amount of donations from 100 listed entrepreneurs (enterprises) hit 16.321 billion yuan, 42 of whom donated more than 100 million yuan. The threshold for the list is 10 million yuan. Guangdong has 26 entrepreneurs listed, still topping the ranking in terms of the number of listed members and donation amount that reached 8.813 billion yuan, accounting for 54% of the total donations, followed by Beijing, Shanghai and Fujian.


From the perspective of the industries the listed entrepreneurs engage in, real estate, Internet and information technology, and medicine and healthcare are the top threes. Most China’s richest people reside in real estate enterprises and therefore give the largest donation. Real estate companies like Evergrande, Country Garden, Wanda, Taihe and Vanke have delivered continuous and fruitful investments in targeted poverty alleviation and education.


Speaking of the use of donation, the listed companies/entrepreneurs prefer education and poverty alleviation. In 2018, 6.939 billion yuan went to the education sector, accounting for 42.52% of the total donations. The amount colleges and universities received totaled 6.176 billion yuan, accounting for 89% of educational donations.


Years of active involvement in social welfare

While creating wealth and providing employment opportunities for the society, Xiamen Hengxing Group enthusiastically fulfills the responsibilities and obligations of a corporate citizen. Over the years, it has vigorously participated in social welfare, disaster relief, medical and health care, donating over 400 million yuan in these sectors.


Public welfare school

Anxi Hengxing Middle School is a full-time non-profit private middle school founded by benignant entrepreneurs and philanthropists, into which Mr. Ke Xiping, Chairman of Hengxing, has invested more than 200 million yuan. The school is located in the central part of Anxi County, on the bank of the 1000-year-old surging Lanxi River and on the shore of Longhu Lake. If faces ridges and peaks and lies on Fengshan Mountain, embraced by beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. The school holds a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a badminton court, a volleyball court, a standard sports field of 400-meter synthetic rubber racetracks, multimedia classrooms, a broadband network center, and fully-equipped laboratories, a garden-like campus, and modern hardware facilities.


Educational honors

Anxi Hengxing Middle School has won 36 titles or honors including “Top 100 Chinese Private Schools”, “Advanced Group of Chinese Private Education”, “Green School of Fujian Province” and “Garden-like School of Fujian Province”, “Civilized School of Quanzhou City”, “Advanced Unit for Quality Education Supervision and Evaluation of Quanzhou City”, the first prize in the category of junior high education planning topic for the National Education Science Eleventh Five-Year Plan. It has also passed the evaluation for “Provincial Tier-Three High School” and “Standardized Compulsory Education School of Quanzhou City” as well as been rated the country’s top performer in terms of outstanding results in the high school entrance examination for 13 years in a row plus “Advanced Junior High School of Quality Teaching” for 8 successive year out of Anxi’s A-level schools, with performance in the college entrance examinations ranked among the county’s top.


Ties with education

Hengxing has been a donator to Xiamen University, Central South University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Anxi Tea College, Anxi Jinlai School, Longyan Shanghang No. 1 Middle School, Nanping Jianxi Middle School and other schools and educational institutions. In 2014, it joined hands with the “Livelihood Comes First” column by Xiamen Radio and Television Center to provide 50 poor college students with financial aids.


Targeted poverty alleviation

According to the deployment of the “10,000 Enterprises Assisting 10,000 Villages” Targeted Poverty Alleviation Campaign in Fujian Province, Hengxing established a three-year tie with provincial-level poverty-stricken villages—Liushan Village and Datun Village, quickly established a targeted poverty alleviation team led by Chairman Ke Xiping, paid many visits to the villages to conduct investigations and bring help, with substantial progress secured. In 2018, Hengxing was honored as Advanced Private Enterprise given its tremendous service for the above-mentioned campaign.


Blood donation

Xiamen Fortune Center celebrates its blood donation day in March every year. It has jointly launched the “100 Companies, 10,000 Blood Donations” Campaign several times with Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce and Xiamen Blood Bank, inviting the public to donate their love.


Caring for the elderly

Hengxing donated 2 million yuan to the Huli District Charity Association of Xiamen to set up the Hengxing Seniors Fund. It also established the Hengxing Youth Volunteer Association, and organized its members to visit nursing homes in Xiamen from time to time, fulfilling its social responsibility with solid actions. 

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