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Industry Introduction

Chasing after the goal of "high starting point, scale business, sustainability", Hengxing Real Estate is committed to creating "environmentally friendly, low-carbon, refined, elegant" real estate projects, leading the trend of future in high positioning. A-level office buildings, luxurious villas, large urban commercial complexes, and tourism real estate are all covered in its product line of real estate development. Xiamen Fortune Center establishes a fine reputation as one of the most high-end office buildings in Fujian Province, receiving the US LEED certification. Yunding Manor is South China's first 100 million-level independent villa, claiming the “Best Of The Best”—Award of Most Heritage Value in 2014 as well the Best Living Property Award & Best Architectural Landscape Design Award of Asia-Pacific region in the 2015/2016 FIABCI Property Award.
Changchun Hengxing International City is a modern urban commercial complex as well as one of the local key projects to attract investment.
Anxi Qingshuiyan project will deliver a hot spring resort that integrates spa health, leisure, business meetings, tourism, real estate and other functions.

Xiamen Fortune Center

Located on 100 Lujiang Road as CBD of Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone
A new urban landmark facing to Gulangyu Island Adjacent to modern docks, new industrial areas, tourism and leisure regions Easy access to bus stops, BRT, Metro Line 1… A bustling business district supported by three-dimensional traffic, embodying the headquarters’ future overlapping 100 years

LEED Certification & Sound Quality Supporting Facilities
Fujian’s first LEED certification & Xiamen’s landmark of green architecture 192-meter high, 5 floors underground, 43 floors above ground, 5A rating A 9-meter-long, 4.2-meter-high lobby of wide space beyond expectation 16 Thyssenkrupp Elevators running at the speed of 6 meters/sec Steel structure for the free cutting of working spaces…

Considerate Customer-oriented Service
Customer Service Department: people-oriented and thoughtful Maintenance Department: holistic security and protection measures Cleaning Department: thorough check and exhaustive cleaning Engineering Department: ongoing maintenance service Attracting a group of elite from 5 industries to polish the brand of Hengxing property Multi-faceted service for the creation of home-like culture in the workplace

Entry of Business Giants Embracing Multi-spherical Effect & New Chances of Cooperation
Attracting over 100 internationally renowned companies to reside and succeed in an occupancy rate of over 95% A center of high-end financial organizations and famous real estate groups, aiming at a network of favorable climatic, geographical and human resources

Yunding Manor

Birth of Empire Land, Dreams of Architecture
From 2009 onwards, we spent three years searching for a blueprint, with our footprints left in a dozen countries, like Italy, France, the US and Spain. Eventually, only 23 neoclassical villas arouse from the land of 220,000 square meters—the highest tribute to the Empire Land.

A Team of Masters, Exquisite Workmanship
Buildings are ubiquitous, but a fair understanding of architecture is rare. With full respect to the Empire Land and inhabitant needs, Hengxing Group joined hands with such globally renowned teams as GDG and HZS, aspiring to deliver an exquisite manor that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Imperial-level Masterpiece, Border of Legends
A lake of 100 thousand square meters, with a central fountain of 20-meter high, hundreds of plants, ubiquitous flowers… Inhabitants can taste pastoral elegance in their own backyard farms, play golf with their friends in the driving range, travel in a private helicopter without worrying about helipad. Wooden trestle, Penglai Pavilion, fishing land… A heaven for leisure, the manor paints an amazing world as far as the eye can see.

Five-Layer Protection, Security Intelligence
In old days, manors were usually equipped with concierge and servants. Layers of reporting embodied the dignity of inhabitants and rigorous security. Yunding Manor, however, offers an intelligent security system featuring five layers of security intelligence, enabling inhabitants a well-protected environment without abandoning elegant, free attitude towards life.

A Century-Old Vision, Protected against VIII Seismic Intensity
Yunding Manor is structured at the standard of 100 years of use, capable of protection against VIII seismic intensity, going far beyond the ordinary seismic fortification standard—50 years of use and VII seismic intensity. The protection measure may be an insurmountable model of architecture in Xiamen.

Changchun Hengxing International City

The Changchun Hengxing International City Project, located in the downtown of Changchun and adjacent to subway exits, is a provincial and municipal key project for investment attraction and the component of Changchun’s key 500 projects. It holds a total planned land area of 48,100 square meters, a total construction area of about 225,000 square meters, a ground construction area of about 174,000 square meters, an underground construction area of about 51,000 square meters, and over 1,300 parking lots. The City project is positioned as a 5A-class office building as well as a modern urban commercial complex of business service, catering, entertainment, and residence.
The Project follows the design conception of high-end, rich formats, neat, elegant, fashion-oriented structure, and its completion will greatly propel the development of surrounding business areas and economy of building. Erecting in a complete set, the Project is open for hot investment and will become a picturesque strip of Jiefang Road and even a unique landscape of Changchun City.

Anxi Qingshuiyan Project

Anxi Qingshuiyan Project covers the national 4A Qingshuiyan scenic expansion project and the construction of Qingshuiyan Hot Spring Resort standing on a planned land area of about 200,000 square meters. Relying on the existing land, environment, hot spring, tourism and other resources, Qingshuiyan Hot Spring Resort shares the themes of Qingshui monk, tea culture and natural ecological culture, combined with hot spring culture and local folk culture, and is positioned as a combination of spa health, leisure, business meetings, tourism and real estate.

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