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Doing trade is the traditional part of Hengxing Group. Early back in its initial establishment, the Group made itself one of Xiamen's major building materials enterprises. After years of development, the Group has tightened its long-term ties with plentiful customers in the sector of trade at home and broad, with a turnover exceeding 10 billion yuan.

Xiamen Baotuo Resources Co., Ltd. is a large trading company owned by Hengxing Group, based in a 21-storey office building—Baotuo Building (located in Xiamen's scenic Wuyuan Bay Operation Center). The company specializes in the commodity trade of steel, electrolytic copper, lead, zinc, nickel, rubber, methanol, ethylene glycol, PTA, coke, coal, gold, palm oil and corn, continuously expanding trade varieties in accordance with market needs. Baotuo is now a strategic partner of many eminent companies at home and abroad, with a market range extending to Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the US, Southeast Asia (India, Japan, South Korea, etc.) and the entire East China, South China and North China.
In addition to Baotuo, Shanghai Tanqiao Company, Hengxing Property Company, Hong Kong Yuanrong Company, No.1 Metal Company, scattered in Mainland China and Hong Kong, are part of the Hengxing empire.

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