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Hengxing Group manages a number of high-quality property assets, provides comprehensive management service by means of property service, facility management, real estate asset management and portfolio investment management, and tries every effort to enhance the value of caliber assets. At present, Hengxing Property Company and Xinshan (Xiamen) Property Company are owned by Hengxing Group under the category of asset business.

Xiamen Hengxing Property Services LLC
Xiamen Hengxing Property Services LLC, founded on August 24, 2009, is a branch of Hengxing Group and specializes in the group’s asset property business. Currently, the company is responsible for the property service of Xiamen Fortune Center and Yunding Manor.

Xinshan (Xiamen) Property Company
Xinshan (Xiamen) Property Company, founded in 1995, takes responsibility for the leasing and management business of Xiamen Fortune Center and other real estate assets.

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